• * Genesis Project *

    At Gubbdata dataparty March 2015
  • With a browser intro

    100 % pure HTML+JS+CSS3

    No libraries. No WebGL
  • Code
    Seen/Melon Dezign
  • Original 1991 Melon Dezign font used in the first Melon Dezign intro for Crystal

    with permission from founder Seen!
  • Metalux brings you an exciting HTML5/CSS3 experience released at this fantastic demoparty in Sweden.
  • Some oldschool effects remade with CSS3 transitions in HTML5 canvas for all you oldschool dudes here.
  • With the legendary Melon Dezign Amiga intros in mind I asked Melon Dezign founder Seen if his original font could be used.
  • Oh yes. Also note the trailing dot in the black and white logotype swinging in the bottom right corner, for maximum Melon atmosphere.
  • G*P member X-Jammer delivered a SID and G*P member Razorback made a new logotype.
  • Stay tuned for an upcoming additional release, maybe * hint hint * with music from a secret Amiga chip tune legend credited to music in dozens of Amiga and PC intros :)
  • Greetings to algorithm, bacchus, bepp, frantic, grip, groepaz, hcl, hedning, joe, lft, magnar, mahoney, mermaid, redcrab, ron, swoffa, x-jammer and zzap69.
  • Keep coding

    Long live the scene!
  • Hooray!

    We are the best!