Gubbdata 2015 Party Invitation


Gubbdata 2015 results

C64 Demo Compo winner: Requiem

C64 DEMO (download)
01.Requiem by Vision
02.Stereophonik [2sid] by Mahoney
03.The Butterfly Effect by Offence
04.Sounds of the 80s by TRIAD
05.Hello Scope by ATL & F4CG & G*P
06.Tubbagad by Dinasours
07.Positive Karma by awsm
08.The Everlasting Ninja by Panda Lovers
09.Raise Your Beers by Arsenic
10.Gubbdata Auto-downvote by ADC

C64 Graphics Compo winner: Disconnected

C64 GRAPHICS (download)
01.Disconnect by Joe
02.Dragonslayer by Mermaid
03.Beetlephant by redcrab
04.Zombie Knife Fight by Razorback
05.Gronne by Reekol
06.Nothing Special, Simple Fish by Leon
07.And God Said Let There Be Blight by Frost
08.Scarlett Mondrian by Pal
09.Nice Beaver by grip
10.Selfportrait Thru the Glassblocks by Wacek
11.Happy Easter by Sphinx
12.Spandalxel F by Spandex
13.Tamara by Ron
14.So, what are you telling me? by AcidT*
15.Vision logo by awsm
16.Have a seat by Mahoney
17.Skelettdata by 5bot & Spandex

C64 MUSIC (download)
01.Amen, Bigbeat Brother! by Jammer
02.Northern Star by Dane
03.Obsession by Flex
04.Impala Imposter by X-jammer
05.Packa bytes by Fegolhuzz
06.Montantenna by Zardax
07.Hell Yeah by LMan
08.Glada Gubbar i Datadjungeln by Stein Pedersen
Party Maker by psycho8580
09.Eat it by Mahoney
It's winter, winter in Kleve by Linus & GH
10.All The Small Things by gemini
11.Rex Senex by Klegg
12.Moonlake by celticdesign
13.Euphoria by Toggle
14.Press Shift + Run/Stop by Richard
15.The Fiddler by Wolk
16.Acid @ Night by CeriX
17.Auxillary Love [stereo] by Scarzix
18.Disney Cryo by ZZAP69
19.Downtown Laholm by Johey
20.Bittersweet Memories by Pepsi
21.RACE Gamemusic by SIDwave
22.Peppermint by G-Fellow
23.Satchabba by Pievspie

Wild Compo winner: ABCDemo

01.ABCDemo (download) by Genesis Project
02.Introlux (download) by Genesis Project

Wild Compo 2nd place: Introlux

AMIGA INTRO (download)
01.Fleisch Bitte Ad 04 by Up Rough

AMIGA MUSIC (download)
01.WhyDontYouTryHard by Corpsicle
02.Eat it by Mahoney


Other releases

8086 CGA demo by Genesis Project

GP-01 (download) 8086 CGA demo by Genesis Project
DurexForth v1.32 C64 tool by Hack n' Trade
Gubbagrafik (download) C64 gfx by Beardswitcher
Party Report from GubbData 2015 C64 demo by Software of Sweden

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